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The CPFC Advantage

 Great Economic Indicators

Alberta has no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, no health care premiums and lower land costs than other regions in Canada. 

of Ingredients

Superior irrigation and growing conditions allow for 65+ speciality crops to be grown over 906,151 acres of irrigated land.

Access to Markets and Logistics

Situated in the heart of Southern Alberta, this region is connected by road, rail and air, serving approx. 342,000 people.

Labour, Resources and R&D

Agriculture-focused public and private research, and educational institutions support growth and innovation.


You Should Be Here!

Feeding The World

Recognized as a hub for food processing, many global food companies are already located in the region. The existing logistics and transportation supply chains have led to a growing number of niche innovators choosing to build their businesses here. The industry associations, research institutions and Economic Development Organizations are here to provide support.


Gross Domestic Product


Total Land Acres
4470 Farms
11K+ Businesses


Ranked Country
in Food Safety
*2014 C.B.O.C

The Region

Key Processors & Niche Innovators

  • Cavendish Farms
  • McCain's
  • PepsiCo
  • Lantic Inc.
  • Lamb Weston
  • Rowland Farms
  • Gouw Quality Onions
  • Richardson Oilseed
  • Sunrise Poultry
  • Maple Leaf Products
  • Whole Leaf Products
  • EPIC
  • Broxburn Vegetables
  • Agropur Cheese
  • L.A. Grain Ltd.
  • Parmalat
  • Sakai Spice
  • Black Velvet Distillery
  • P & H Milling
  • Ewe-nique Lamb
  • Prairie Meats Ltd.
  • Fairwinds Farms
  • Leffers Brothers Vegetables
  • Latin Foods Inc.
  • Lethbridge Meats & Seafood
  • Let's Pasta Food Services
  • Sunrise Berry Farms
  • Lucco Farms Mustard
  • CR Fruit Farms
  • Tamminga Farms
  • Broxburn Farms Ltd.
  • Nutrosciece Inc.
  • Crystal Springs Cheese
  • Mans Greenhouse
  • Busy Bea's Market Garden
  • Quattro Ventures
  • Prairie Gold Produce

Supply Chain & Infrastructure

  • Viterra
  • Columbia Seed Co Ltd.
  • H & R Transport
  • Cargill
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Master Feeds
  • Lethbridge Biolabs
  • Federated Coop Limited
  • Versa Cold
  • Flexahopper Plastics
  • C.C Constantini Commodoties
  • Landmark Feeds
  • AgValue Brokers
  • Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd.
  • Ring Container
  • Grow-TEC
  • Invigro BioEnergy Corporation

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  • The skill to breathe systematically to settle nerves, increase horsepower, and strengthen focus.
  • Self-talk strategies to prevent worrying about future outcomes and to instead keep the mind grounded in the present focused on doing their job.
  • Mental pictures of what to visualize when their heart is pounding through their chest.
And more!

Industry Associations

Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta

Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta

AB Agriculture Economics Association

AB Aquaculture Association

AB Association of Agricultural Societies

AB Barley Commission

AB Canola Producers Commission

AB Corn Committee

AB Farm Fresh Producers Association

AB Farmer’s Market Association

AB Food Processors Association

AB Greenhouse Growers Association

AB Institute of Agrologists

AB Irrigation Projects Association

AB Motor Transport Association

AB Organic Producers Association

AB Pulse Growers Commission

AB Rhodiola Rosea Growers Association

AB Safflower Growers Association

AB Seed Grower Association

AB Seed Processors

AB Sugar Beet Growers

AB Vegetable Growers

AB Wheat Commission

Barley Council of Canada

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta

Potato Growers of Alberta

Taste Alberta

Western Barely Growers

Western Feed Industry Association

Wild Rose Agriculture Producers

The irrigation region of Southern Alberta possesses all the necessary attributes for food processing companies to establish plants in this region.


2015 Alberta Irrigation Districts Association

Businesses in the region are at the centre of a well-positioned trading area just north of the US border serving approximately 342,000 people; a transportation / warehouse sector valued at $207 million.

About Us

Canada's Premier Food Corridor is a consortium of Economic Development professionals working to advance the agri-food sector in Southern Alberta, Canada through investment attraction and advocacy for the agri-food industry. Each Municipality or Economic Development Organization serves an individual community while focusing on a greater vision of investment, innovation, and growth for the CPFC Region. We understand that our boundaries do not define your business which is why we have taken a collaborative approach to ensure the CPFC Region is ready for agri-food development. Together we offer a welcoming business environment, strong infrastructure, and a skilled workforce.


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