Canada's Premier Food Corridor

Canada's Premier Food Corridor

The CPFC Advantage

If you're in the business of food... you should be here!

Great Economic Indicators

Alberta has no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, no health care premiums and lower land costs than other regions in Canada. 

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of Ingredients

Superior irrigation and growing conditions allow for 65+ specialty crops to be grown over 900,000+ acres of irrigated land.

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Access to Markets & Logistics

Situated in the heart of Southern Alberta, this region is connected by road, rail, and air, serving approximately 342,000 people.

Labour, Resources and R&D

Agriculture-focused public and private research, and educational institutions support growth and innovation.

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Feeding The World.

Recognized as a hub for food processing, many global food companies are already located in the region. The existing logistics and transportation supply chains have led to a growing number of niche innovators choosing to build their businesses here. The industry associations, research institutions and Economic Development Organizations are here to provide support.


Gross Domestic Product


Total Land Acres
4,470 Farms
11K+ Businesses


Ranked Country in Food Safety
*2014 C.B.O.C.

The Region